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We can finance and/or service a large variety of products and services and can provide tools needed to achieve this. Our automated credit approval system can quickly give you results and can give you overnight funding. We can handle all the back room functions including billing and collections for you, enabling you to focus exclusively on sales.

Products Serviced

Construction, water purification systems, HVAC, security systems, solar energy, home insulation, swimming pools, spas, replacement windows, carpeting, and on and on! We help finance any home improvement project quickly and efficiently.


We offer funding solutions and options for many major brands from freestanding to built-in whole house systems. If you need a quality credit and fund processing system capable of these types of solutions, we’re here to help you get started.


We can provide commercial financing to dealers by advancing a portion of the contract value. Customer payments will be applied to pay down the loan. Re-loans are available upon request when the loan is within collateral limits.


We process credit applications for companies that sell electronics, furniture, fitness equipment, pet supplies, cookware, and much, much more. If you’ve got a business that requires funding for it’s customers, we’ll provide you with a system to help your business grow.


Paramount Service & Customer Support

Our focus at PCS is on quality customer service and convenient payment options for customers that allow for fast and efficient credit decisions. Our hands-on approach allows dealers to offer competitive financing offers to their customers. We take extra care in making sure our clients have the best tools they need to grow their business.

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